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"It's not enough to hear the music, besides, you have to see it ..."

Igor Stravinsky

Guitarist, composer and producer born in Huelva.

He began to play the guitar from a very young age by the hand of his father Francisco Calleja (guitarist) where childhood and childhood go hand in hand with his sonanta, time and harmony advance and his progress with him, obtaining numerous awards as soloist guitarist in important competitions , National Guitar Competition of Chiclana de la Frontera, the Contest of Young Flamenco Amateurs and many others.
Within his extensive training, we can highlight his teaching as a professor of classical guitar by the Professional Conservatory of Music of Huelva "Javier Perianes".

Paco Cruzado has accompanied leading singers such as Miguel Poveda, Carmen Linares and Arcángel and worked in dance companies such as Manolo Marín, Eva Yerbabuena and Mario Maya, among others. Within his friendship, he participates with the guitarist Juan Carlos Romero with whom he has been working and accompanying all his performances and productions for a long time.
His music has toured major venues such as the International Guitar Festival of Syracuse (Italy), the Book Fair of Guadalajara (Mexico), the Cervantes Institute of New York, the Flamenco Festival China, the Flamenco Festival USA, the Teatro Real of Madrid, the Liceo Theater of Barcelona, ​​the Festival of Ethnic Music of Johannesburg, the Musikverin Vienna, etc.

He is a musician of Jarcha, a very important Onubense group that, among others, spread the popular music of the province of Huelva and composed important topics such as Andaluces de Jaén, Libertad sin ira, Cadenas, etc.

Paco Cruzado has also approached contemporary classical music, collaborating with Mauricio Sotelo in the show "De oscura llama".

Composer, has produced and interpreted music for shows and productions such as:

"Khalo Caló", with choreography by Rafael Estévez.
"Muelnzas boleras 1812-2012" (under the direction of Francisco Velasco, principal dancer of the National Ballet of Spain)
"Metáfora" of the Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía under the direction of Ruben Olmo (National Dance Award 2015)
"Tranquilo albroto" by Ruben Olmo.
"Architecture of light and shadows" by Ruben Olmo.
"Huelva. La luz del flamenco", an audiovisual show in which holographic images interact.
"Mariposas blancas", a show inspired by the play "Platero y Yo", by the novel Juan Ramón Jiménez.

"The New School Bolera" first album edited and produced by Paco Cruzado is undoubtedly a very important project for this musical genre, one of the treasures of our Spanish Dance of a strong Baroque character and a great technical complexity of the hands of this great guitarist along with several singles dedicated to the musical and dance genre as important for Spanish music as the Bolera School. Gender declared good of cultural interest.

He is currently a music teacher at the Municipal School of Music of Aljaraque (Huelva), where he has worked as a flamenco guitar teacher, classical guitarist, and musical language for 13 years, and other workshops as accompaniment to flamenco singing or accompaniment to dancing Flemish.

In his advance with the technologies he has published two guitar courses for on-line initiation levels, one for the web "flamenco en tus manos", where he has worked together with Faustino Núñez (professor of flamencology at the Conservatory of Music of Córdoba) and another for "flamenco wood" where he has worked with Juan Carlos Romero.

Within his teaching projects, the accompaniment workshop for flamenco singing is undoubtedly a didactic reference that was managed by the SGAE Foundation, for Huelva, the professional music conservatory "Javier Perianes" and for Malaga, in the cultural center "The Thermal".

He has recently appeared in the show "Mairena Clásico", produced by Jesús Bola, premiered at the Flamenco Biennial of Málaga, together with the artists José Valencia, Jesús Méndez, Farruquito and the Málaga Symphony Orchestra.

His artistic quality and humanity make him able to turn his words into notes and transform his emotions in harmony, achieving a path with a unique personality of his own ...

Currently, with more than 20 years of experience as a teacher and extensive knowledge of teaching at the Municipal School of Music and Dance of Aljaraque (Huelva), Paco Cruzado assumes the direction of the school where he will perform the role of director alongside those of flamenco guitar teacher and accompaniment to flamenco singing.

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